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women looks’ gallery ==> share your beautiful eyes look

smiling blue eyes
Among the first comments i’ve received on this blog, there’s one which is special to me, It was saying  « I’m reading  your words and it’s like i’m reading myself… » and it was from Mehdi Md Tazi. I used to know him through Facebook as a photographer, that day I discovered a brave guy !

He invited me to read one of his articles beautifully called « La femme qui changea la vie d’un homme » and that’s when i discovered the passionate man he is. He has an amazing story to relate==>One  day, he decided to give up everything (his job, his car…) and restart his life from zero, following his passion and living his dreams…

I’m writing this article to share with you one of Mehdi’s bright ideas : Creating a « women looks’ gallery », An invitation to all women to take a picture of their look and share it…

So for all beautiful women who want to embellish with their eyes’ grace the « looks’gallery ». Inbox your picture to Mehdi’s Blog Facebook page ==> Passion d’écrire

women looks gallery


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