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Happy Ramadan everybody : 10 beautiful mosques around the world !

Ramadan is here, and it’s a great moment for all muslims all around the world. Everybody’s welcoming a month that I hope will be rich of great happy moments : loving and helping each other, sharing nice things, forgiving…and the most important of all, getting close to Allah…

I’m here today to wish you a happy Ramadan full of blessing and peace of mind. May this holly month brings us closer to Allah and our loved ones.

I was asking my self what could I share with you today, i tought about a lot of things before deciding to gather pictures of ten of my favourite mosques around the world. I may love them for their emotional weight in any muslim’s heart, for their history or their architecture…the reasons could be different, but what I’m sure about, there is a great chance you may love’em too ^^

So here’s my selection, ENJOY ^^

Al-Masjid al-Ḥarām, Mecca, Saudia Arabia
Surrounds Islam’s holiest place, the Kaaba which was built by the prophet Ibrahim. The « sacred mosque » is the largest in the world, it receives 4 millions muslims during the period of Hajj. The Kaaba serves as the common direction towards which Muslims pray.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey 
(Popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.)
It was built from 1609 to 1616, during the rule of the Ottoman sultan Ahmed 1st. Its architecture is a culmination of two centuries of both Ottoman mosque and Byzantine church development. As a symbol of majesty and splendour, The mosque has 6 minarets along with 8 domes and 1 main one.

blue mosque turkey sultan ahmed
blue mosque turkey sultan ahmed
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
Considered as one of the most beautiful mosques in the Asia Pacific,  This harmonious union of Mughal architecture and Italian styles was completed in 1958. The plans were done by Booty and Edwards Chartered Architects according to designs by the Italian architect Cavaliere Rudolfo Nolli.
The mosque is built in an artificial lagoon on the banks of the Brunei River at Kampong Ayer, the « village in the water ». It has marble minarets and golden domes with courtyards and lush gardens full of fountains

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco
Hassan II, the king of Morocco said « I want to build this mosque on the water, because God’s throne is on the water. Therefore, the faithful who go there to pray, to praise the Creator on firm soil, can contemplate God’s sky and ocean. »
His ambition gives birth to the 7th largest mosque in the world and its tallest minaret (210 m).
Inaugurated in the 30th August 1993, the mosque displays strong Moorish influence and the architecture of the building is similar to that of the Andalous’ Alhambra and the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Malacca straits mosque, Malacca Island, Malaysa
located on the man-made Malacca Island, It was inaugurated in 2006.
The beautiful mosque was built so that when the water tide is high, the Mosque looks like it is floating on the ocean.

Taj Mahal mosque, Agra, India 

Masjid Al Aqsa, Al quds, Palestine 

Sheikh Zayed grand mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates 

Koutoubia, Marrakech, Morocco

Faisal mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan 


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