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21 July 1948, a music legend and a man with a big heart was born : Cat Stevens !

yusuf-islam-cat-stevens live
Yesterday, the 21st of July is an important date in the history of music…one of its most gifted children was born in the same day of  1948’s summer. Born Steven Demetre Georgiou, best known as Cat Stevens, He is living today as Yusuf Islam since 1978, one year after his conversion to Islam.

So few are those who don’t know « father and son », a folk music classic. And it’s just a drop in Yusuf’s inspiring music ocean. His 10 years musical career, even if it was short, was rich of beautiful songs, successful albums and was a continuous road to happinness and peace in the world.

1977, was the year when he found his way to peace of mind. It was hard for his fans all over the world to bear 25 years with no Cat Stevens on the stage, but they have never stopped enjoying the beauty of each one of his masterpieces.

2003, the moment Yusuf’s fans was waiting for came, their idol is back ! And he’s still the great songwriter, musician and performer he has always been. On this comeback he said « The language of song is simply the best way to communicate the powerful winds of change which brought me to where I am today, and the love for peace still passing through my heart. I feel gifted to have that ability still within me. I never wanted to get involved in politics because that essentially separates people; whereas music has the power to unify, and is so much easier for me than to give a lecture »

To be continued

And this is a selection of 7 of his great songs, performed ao vivo !

Father and son 

Peace train 

Wild world

The wind 

In the end 

The first cut is the deepest 

Sad Lisa


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