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Bart Simpson : All the punishment sentences wrote on the shalkboard !

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He’s America’s rebellious kid and modern times’ Tom Sawyer ! Bartholomew JoJo Simpson…You know, Bart ! it’s better like this 😀
I think that everyone loves his mischievousness and his naughty attitude and tricks…he’s the kind of anti-conformist, anarchist punk rocker we all dreamed of being one day 😀

And you know, I’ve just discovered a lot of funny things about this out of the box character :

– He Was created and designed by Matt Groening while he was waiting in the lobby of James L. Brooks’ office.
– Among all the Simpsons family members, he’s the only one whose name wasn’t inspired by Groening family members’ names.
– and the best one…he’s voiced by a woman, nancy Cartwright ! Can you believe that 😀

So, let’s get back to the  subject of this article : Bart’s famous messages on his chalkboard at the Springfield elementary school ! I’ve always laughed my ass off seeing him writing his funny weird punishment sentences, don’t you ?

So let’s discover all these messages…or, almost all of them==> 288 bart’s quotes !

Thanks CableTV.com


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