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Stunning unforgettable ads : Find your greatness by NIKE

As long as the London 2012 olympics get closer to their end, I am more and more fascinated by the greatness and strong sensations of these games ! Seeing more than 10 500 athletes from 204 country competing in an amazing ambience of challenge, fair play and respect…is just extraordinary !

It was inspiring and breathtaking to watch all these champions giving all what they have for the victory, the explosion of emotions, tears of joy and pain. Hearing them talking about their road to success, all the sacrifices they made and how they achieved greatness !

Finding greatness, that’s what i’m talking about in this article ! I was trying to choose the best marketing campaign related to London Olympics : P&G’s thank you mum ? Adidas’ take the stage ? Cola cola’s Move to the beat ? they’re all amazing, but I think that the gold Medal goes to Nike’s inspirational campaign « Find your greatness », a powerful message to inspire anyone who wants to reach his own moment of glory and etch his name in the history of sports !

All these champions showed us through the olympic days that greatness has no age, no nationality, that it’s not innate, it’s someting we achieve ! It begins with a dream, and comes to life with work and passion !

Enjoy this beautiful campaign, it sums up perfectly the olympic spirit and essence !

Jogger – This is Nathan. He is 12 years old. He’s from London, Ohio. Greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it for any of us

Soccer – Will you recognize greatness when you see it?

Basketball – Is greatness only about overcoming the odds?

Wheelchair racing – Is greatness in your DNA?

Rugby – How big of a stage does greatness need ?

BMX –  Is greatness something you plan?

Sepak Takraw – How official does greatness need to be?

Beseball  –  Who decides who’s great?

Diver – When does greatness stop being scary ?

Not everyone thought Cav had what it took — but that only made him more determined to succeed

Paula didn’t get to where she is today by listening to the odds. So why would she start now ?


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