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The box – original lyrics

An empty box
between colorless walls
it seems so high
mysterious life behind

The door is close
our vision cannot fly
just spinning here
stuck to trivial fears

from time to time
a paint appears on the wall
warms up your soul
for a night, maybe a life

These are our lives
everything we dream about
our endless walk
seeking happyness
the shiny sky
after a rainy day

by a morning light
a rose blossoms in your road
lay it in your heart
cos u’ll need it one day

when the rain falls down
and you’re drowning in your box
you try to climb the walls
but a hand pulls you down

so you turn to a friend
to the petal in your book
to the sun, to the rain
to that box you can’t leave

These are our lives
everything we dream about
our endless walk
seeking happyness
the shiny sky
after a rainy day


Music to share : with Matthew JL Thomson

So, so… it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and I don’t really know why I abandon my blog each time… I really don’t like that and I hope that i’m coming back for good this time ^^

So I have some news. I’m starting a new project I called  »Music to share », The idea is to share a cover or an original song with other musicians ! So there’s one rule : No solo performances, and one objective : Sharing with friends our musical dreams and passion through a song… A project that I hope will allow me to meet new friends, discover new musical styles and of course enhance my skills. I’m very optimist and I think it will be a nice experience !

For the two first covers, I had the great pleasure of sharing good times with my dear friend Matthew Thomson. We’re in ramadan, 2 hours before L’ftour and we thought it would be the best way to say goodbye. In fact, Matt went back to Canada 3 days after the recording. It’s been 1 year that he’s with us in Morocco.

mohamed ali ghassani Matt thomson

But, who the hell is Matt ? Matt is a 28 years old cool canadian guy. We first met at Casablanca’s American Language Center  where we’ve been working together on the ALC Music club development. The club was growing fast, our friendship too! We’ve shared great moments with all the friends, rehearsals, live shows, sound system’s problems 😀 … so many nice memories.

Mohamed ali ghassani Matthew thomson essaouira

But, Matt is first and foremost a very passionate musician. If he defines himself as a bass player, he have never refused to play other instruments to help the other members of the club expressing their talents… Guitar, Ukelele, shaker and even singing. I’ve even discovered that he has a harmonica… Matt ! is it your hidden talent ??

With Matthew Thomson at the American language center

Now that Matt is in his way back home (Visiting some European countries before flying to Ontario), I will surely miss the kind guy and the talented artist he was. but I’ll keep these two covers as a souvenir and of course his epic Fender Dobro he sold me before he left. Don’t care Matt, your guitar is in good hands.  And don’t forget that you’re welcome whenever you want, we’ll miss you here ! Keep rocking dude ^^

Cheers from Morocco !

ALC Music Club, the show must go on !

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I had a weird feeling this weekend not taking my guitar and driving my car to the ALC to join all my friends in the music club.
During these last weekends, Sundays’ music club get-together became some kind of a beautiful routine. Meeting these talented guys, talking about our favourite songs, rehearsing and living our love to music the best way we could… We really lived some very great days, experiencing how being a musician feels like. In a short period, we felt like musically growing up. Our last gig was just amazing, all the club members were great. Solo performances, duets, group songs, everyone was giving his best and the crowd make it so much better… At the end of the show, we were feeling proud about our performance but never satisfied, we all knew that we wanted more and better ! we were like  »Hey dear next session, come as faster as you can, we just can’t wait, we need to get together again and rock the ALC !
In one hand, we were a little sad when some of the members told us that they couldn’t be part of the club in the next session for different reasons, but i hope they will change their minds and continue the adventure… In the  other hand, seeing new people asking about joining gives us the strengh to come back and do the things we love to do again and again !
Matthew, Sonia, Hamza, Nawfal, Younes, Amine,Yassine, Kaoutar, Asmaa, Mohamed… see you soon guys, the show must go on !
me and matthew

alc music club alc musicians american language center music  music at alc

16 january 1998, 15 years since Coldplay’s 1st gig !

coldplay 1st concert in 1998 as starfish

Coldplay 1st concert in 1998 As Starfish

Back to 1998, exactly 15 years from now … They played their first gig !
Remember the date, 16 january 1998… A great band came to the world that day !
They had to choose a name for their 1st perfomance, so they picked Starfish
Today, we call them Coldplay…

Coldplay 1st gig 16 january 1998

Coldplay 1st gig in 16 January 1998

Ravi Shankar, You will be missed :(

Rest In Peace Ravi Shankar

Rest In Peace Ravi Shankar

A quote that gives us a pure image of the peaceful great man Ravi Shankar was :

« Everybody has a right to like or dislike anything or anyone. From a flower to a flavor to a book or a composition but it is very sad that in our country we actually fight over such things in an unseemly manner. » Ravi Shankar.

Mumford & Sons : My 2012’s sweetest musical discovery !

A sweet shy girl  enjoying one of the best Folk Rock bands ever, Isn’t amazing ?  Yeah, I said ever !! they only have 5 years of existence and released only two albums… but for me, they’re already great, they’re already legends even if they split tomorrow (come on guys, don’t do that, pleaaase ^^)

I’m so busy these last days, but i wanted fervently to share with you Mumford & Sons’ enchanting music. I can’t keep it for myself ! So here’s a song which will make you shiver with the energy they release with every note, and you’ll feel the profoundness of every word they sing ! This performance is taken from their glastonbury 2011 mind-blowing performance. Even if it was freezing and raining, they brilliantly managed to make the crowd move, dance and shout out loud !

If you love Folk, country or alternative rock…You have to listen to these guys: Marcus Mumford (vocals, guitar, drums, mandolin), Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboards, accordion, drums), « Country » Winston Marshall (vocals, banjo, dobro, guitar), and Ted Dwane (vocals, string bass, drums, guitar).

I think i’m gonna let you discover « Homeless Wanderer » and this cute girl shy smile 00:12 …

Glastonbury 2011 full concert

A new article about Mumford & Sons is coming soon. Stay tuned ^^

Happy 47th birthday Slash !

You’re maybe « just a guitar player », but the one everybody dreams to play like ^^ thanks for all !

slash the legend
slash double neck guitar poster