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Bing pictures of the week : 22-28 July 2012

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1st :  Still image of time-lapsed night sky in monument valley Navajo, Utah (copyright Duncan frazier/Getty Image)
2nd : Colored umbrellas on a sunny beach, Thailand (Copyright Ocean/corbis)
3rd : Rustic Black river covered bridge, Mchigan, USA (Copyright, Tara Vorhes/ Getty Images)
4th : Tower Bridge and giant time sudial, London, England (Copyright Tim Gartside/ Age fotostock)
5th : Water overflowing from reservoir, Auckland, New Zealand (Copyright Robin Bush/ Getty Images)
6th : Sea otter grooming, Alaska, USA (Copyright, Donald Jones/Minden pictures, Corbis)
7th : Field of sunflowers, Castile and Leon, Spain (Copyright Jesus Gonzalez/ Getty Images)



Bing picture of the day : Ths fish with the big nose

From the indo-pacific deeps, here’s the The whitemargin unicornfish (Naso annulatus) !
fish The whitemargin unicornfish
Copyright : (Chris Hellier/corbis)

Bing picture of the day : Utah landscapes. devils garden, arches national park

utah lanscapes bing picture of the day Copywright : Christian Kober/Aurora photos

Bing picture of the day ! aerial view on Old Town in Gdansk, Poland

Copyright : copyright Warulik/alamy

Bing picture of the day ! Amazing public garden

Because bing background pictures are awesome, I’ve decided to share with you one each day. Enjoy !
bing picture of the day public garden