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London 2012 Olympics unforgettable moments : 100 amazing pictures !

London 2012 olympics are over, And i really can’t describe how much i am fascinated by the greatness and strong sensations of these games ! Seeing more than 10 500 athletes from 204 country competing in an amazing ambience of challenge, fair play and respect…is just extraordinary !

It was inspiring and breathtaking to watch all these champions giving all what they have for the victory, the explosion of emotions, tears of joy and pain. Hearing them talking about their road to success, all the sacrifices they made and how they achieved greatness !

So i had the idea to gather 100 amazing pictures of these London « human » olympics greatest moment , Enjoy ^^

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London 2012 opening ceremony best pictures : SO BRITISH !

It was human, simple, nostalgic, humorous and culturally rich…It was breathtaking and it was SO BRITISH ! That’s how I can describe « Isles of wonder », London 2012 Opening ceremony beautifully imagined and extraordinarily orchestrated by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle.

Marking a break with Beijing show, « Isles of wonder » was an open invitation to live again the history of the UK through the story of the british citizen and all it sacrifices to make this nation greater. This emphasis on the human side was warmly received by journalists all around the world. « there are some things money can’t buy, like the swell of pride in the chest of every British citizen », tweeted one of Nigeria’s most respected sports reporters.

Boyle invited us to a moving picture of Great Britain’s rich heritage, culture, and contributions in humanity history, some kind of answer to a hard question « what is britishness ? » ! And then came the answer through a journey in past, present and future : From Shakespeare to the picture of 7 young british atlethes lighting the olympic cauldron to start the games, not forgetting the british country side, the industrial revolution, the national health care, women’s vote…the whole enlivened by british music classics (Queen, Eric clapton, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Sex pistols…) and under the maternal gaze of her majesty the queen Elizabeth.

And as the greatness of a country is measured in its citizen greatness…all the « stars » took part to the show : David Beckham, Bradley wiggins, Rowan Atkinson, J.K rowling, Paul Mccartney…

As a russian journalist said « last night’s performance was what they call elegantly chaotic – which is quite an English thing »

God save the queen !

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