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Breathtaking sunsets, Get amazed (chapter 1)

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El Oualidia…Sun, sand and sea !

flying bird sunset oualidia
It has been a while since my last article ! In fact, It was time for me to take some days of rest and tranquility to recharge my batteries, far away from work, internet, social media…

So I have decided to escape the stressful life of Casablanca and take the road of El Oualidia, a beautifully quiet city on the moroccan atlantic coast.  It’s maybe one of the rare cities where an astonishing calm lagoon meets the atlantic’s powerful waves.

I personnally appreciated this fisher’s town simplicity of life, its infinite fine sand beach, the view of fishing barks on the shore, the amazing sunset even if the weather was a little foggy and the richness of El Oualidia’s birdlife…feeling all this beauty while beeing in good company, you can say that you’ve just spent some great holidays !

So, here are some photos taken during the trip…You know, when you are facing the beauty of nature, you don’t need to be a great photographer, neither having a good reflex camera or some photoshop skills ! Juste immortalize the moment !!

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